Photographers on TSU

Thursday 30 Oct 2014


There is a new social media platform in town named "TSU".

Now it is only in it's early days, so finding other great photographers on TSU is challenging. Which is why I have decided to compile a list here titled "Photographers on TSU".

Please if you would like to be included in the list simply post your TSU link in the comments below and I will be sure to include it. There may be few of us on there currently but hopefully the number of photographers on TSU grows and we can slowly migrate away from the likes of FB.

The list here is fairly landscape photographer heavy but I and others are passionate about all forms of photography and would love to see and follow your work. So please ensure you add your link below. Also feel free to share the links of other TSU photographers.

If you are not yet on TSU you can easily sign up HERE.