Moraine Lake

"During my time in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta Canada I visited Moraine Lake within Banff National park on a number of occasions. I continually went back there not only to capture it under varying conditions but simply because the place is amazing. Each and everytime I made it up there I would sit and stare in awe. After waiting out an overnight snow storm I captured this image under unique conditions."

The most photographed location in Canada is this magnificent lake; captured from the viewpoint of the top of the rock pile hiking trail. Situated within the Valley of the Ten Peaks in the Banff National Parks, it is just 14 kilometres outside of the village of Lake Louise, Alberta. Part of the fame is attributed to the distinct shade of turquoise-blue water which can be seen here. The glacial erosion caused by the grinding of the bedrock results in particles of rock known as rock flour; when the light reflects off this, it displays that magnificent blue which photographs so well.


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