Lucky Bay - Esperance

The white sand and blue waters of Lucky Bay in Esperance, Western Australia.

The south coast of Western Australia has some of the best beaches in the world. Lucky Bay in particular is absolutely spectacular. Lucky Bay is situated to the east of the Esperance town site within Cape Le Grand National Park.

This bay has a rich history in maritime exploration, and was named by Matthew Flinders who discovered it in 1802. The name is quite ironic, as the bay found almost by chance in extreme circumstances when Flinders found himself and his crew in dangerous territory surrounded by islands and rocks during the night, with seemingly no escape. This is when they discovered this bay, sheltered from nearly all sides. where they could finally drop their anchor. Their lucky escape.

"On this particular warm summers day I could not resist getting my feet wet with camera in hand. I feel this panoramic vista sums up Esperance and it's surrounds..... bright white sand, crystal clear water, red granite outcrops and a big blue sky."


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